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Temux Basic To Advanced

Termux Basic to Advanced 

Hello guys my name is Arman. welcome to my first blog.

In this blog i will talk with Basic to Advanced about '

In this Blog we will learn

๐Ÿ‘‰ what is termux?

๐Ÿ‘‰ How to use it? (practical)

๐Ÿ‘‰ what can we do by using termux?

here is some question about termux and my my answer is....

Q:  what is termux? 

Guys as we know terminal is a main part of hacking. without terminal no hacking. Termux is a type of app which is used more now a days. this app is awesome to hack anything. and this interface look also like Linux terminal. for using this application you don't need to Root your phone. and you can hack anything by using thish Application.

Q: why we use it?

A:- Android is a very capable with more and more  Applications approaching Desktops class. Fortunately,  Android is Linux at it’s core. And  Termux builds on this existing infrastructure. it provides a command line environment and allows you to install honest-to-goodness Linux apps on your Android device. Termux is used for penetrate testing and for hacking webs and android devices.

Q : is any programming languages needed to run it?

Ans: No, Noo need of any programming knowledge. But if you know about programing that's better. But Don't needed to must learn programing.

Q: can we hack WiFi from termux?

Ans : yes,  we can hack WiFi using termux. but we  needed external router for it. and more knowledge about it.

Q: can we hack website from termux?

Ans : yes, u can hack any website which have vullnubirlity  in it.

Q: can we hack android from termux?

Ans: yes, u can hack Android and PC or Mac from termux app, by making payload and insert in inside in Android,  PC or Mac we can get data from their.

Q: how much space it requires?

A:- ii is depend upon the script of hacking

Example:- if i install metasploit it requires 600 MB of storage and 200 MB of data.

Q :  how much time need to learn termux?

Ans : its depend upon your interest. and how much time are you spend in here.

Q: can i improve my hacking skills from termux application?

Ans : Sure, you can become master of penetrate testing ,and hacking.

Q: what are device requirements to run Termux?

Ans:  any device with 1Gb of ram , 3 Gb of storage , good data speed , version of device should be more than 4.0.0 with good data speed.

Q# is our YouTube channel (Anonymous tim3) teach every thing about termux and Hacking?

Ans : yes, we are here to make u a best acker so we will provide you free hacking ebooks, pdf's of hacking ,programming books, and lot more for free life time.

How to use termux?and make completely run for hacking?

Ans : ------follow this steps correctly -----

Here some packages are important for
hacking in termux to run hacking so.Follow the commands properly. Please apply commands by copy pasting from here or typing them pls type all commands in small letters only after putting Command it asks to tap ( y/n ) just tap on y  And done.

$ termux-setup-storage (you will see a popup notification click on allow)
$ ls

all important packages of termux.

Ex :- for installation

$ apt-get update

$ pkg install python

$ pkg install python2

$ pkg install nano

$ pkg install wget

$ pkg install hydra

$ pkg install git

$ pkg install netcat

$ pkg install curl

$ pkg install ruby

$ apt install php

$ pkg install ruby

$ pkg install tor

$ pkg install nmap

$ pkg install figlet

after this apk runs now & then now u can run any thing.

:::::: basic tools :::::::::

apt update -update terminal package

apt install git : github install

apt install vim :for file editor

apt install zip :for zip

apt install wget : download direct

apt install unzip :for unzip

apt install unrar :for unrar file

apt list :for programs list

::::: Programming languages ::::::::

apt install php :for run php flle

apt install python : run (.py) python file

apt install python2 : run .py flle

apt install perl : for run (.pl) perl flle

apt install ruby : for run ruby language file

apt install vim-python :to edit python

After termux installed go to settings in permission enable stroage and force stop apk then termux runs storage setup.

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