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How to Setup Domain To Blogger

How to Setup Domain To Blogger in Nepal 

Hello everyone!!! Today, in this Article I'm going to teach you how to Setup .com dot NP domain To Blogger[Domain Forwarding]. Follow The steps as given in article by .So Read Carefully Without skipping i'm sure you will be able to set domain To Blogger  after reading my Article. For this Some Requirements are listed Below :-


1) Blogger Account ( New/Old it does not matter )
2) Free Domain Hosting Acount ( )
3) New Gmail eg:,

Let's get started  [ epic-hackers ] At first, open any web browser. I have opened Google Chrome.Type: "" on search-bar and hit 'enter' button. Click on: 'User Login' tab. register one account in Hurracine Electric Website Fill Up all the information while registration . After Creating Account In Free Domain Hosting Services you Need to create a blogger Account if You Have already then no need to register new account just signup to your blogger account.

After You get signed up in your blogger account . press on button " New Blog " create new blog and choose You Website name " Title" and choose domain name " ****" . Now you Have Created New Blog SuccessFully . The Final steps is here that How to set domain To Blogger website. click on "setting" tab in blogger after reaching in setting tab press on " Set Thirdparty URL".

Note : The Domain should be entered Including www.******

 Input Domain name ******  and press Save setting there you will get some Error  as shown images below. just copy the All CNAME records and A records that shown in error and paste it in   While copy/paste doing  set all TTL  To 3600  to get connected with blogger fastly. Now Leave upto 1 Hour it may takes to reflect a changes upto 1 Hour so keep Patience.

After 1 Hours go to Your Blogger account and setup your domain on " Third party url " and click on save setting and it will be saved successfully .  again click on edit and Tick  on  redirect so your will be redirected to .

Now you have done successfully and Thanks for Your patience to read a Complete article without skipping.

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