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6 Brilliant Tips For Making Money from Blogging

 6 Brilliant Tips For Making Money from Blogging

If blogging is your passion, then you can earn money right from your home. There is multitude of ways you can explore to monetize your blog. These are 6 trusted and time tested avenues to make money blogging.

PPC advertising- PPC or Pay Per Click advertizing is one of the commonest internet advertizing models. It means that if a reader clicks on the advertisement, then the advertiser will pay you for every click.

Use your blog to sell ads- 

You can take control in your hands and sell direct ads on your blog-site that has a decent traffic by including ‘Advertise with us’ page informing buyers about rates and formats.

Publish paid reviews- 

Reviews can help you earn income through your blog. It is recommended that you publish reviews only about services or products that you are confident about.

Earning by selling text links- 

Availability of an organic traffic to your blog entitles you to earn by using the option of text-link ads. You can link a portion of your blog text to a different site.


Freelancing helps you use your writing skills to work on full time basis as a freelance writer. You can also use your bog to showcase your writing acumen. There are innumerable opportunities to earn money by writing articles, blogs, reviews, press reports, and so forth.

Your blog has a sound potential to make money for you. All you need is to choose the right option and develop your niche to make your blogs more relevant to your readers.

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