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How To Make A Micro Niche Blog Without Spending Single Penny On Domain and Hosting?

How To Make A Micro Niche Blog Without Spending Single Penny On Domain and Hosting?

 Is it Possible?

Answer is Yes! But How?

Have you ever Heard about Parasites?

Let me Explain it!

Parasites are Those websites that are not owned by us but we can take a part from it. In simple words these are some high authority websites where we can write our posts and take the advantage of this authority.

Now I hope you got some idea.

Here are some examples of parasites blogs:-

weebly, tublr, etc. (google it for more)

Before working on them you need to treat these websites like a real blogs. for example:-

you got a low competition keyword now what you need to do is select a parasite website from given list.

and do same things that you do with a micro niche niche blog, from keyword research to backlinks. 

Like write good lengthy articles and give some social signals. And the best part of parasites are that you can start giving backlinks to your post from anytime.

Means as in your real blog you need to wait for 1-2 months before making any backlinks but because of high authority in parasites you can start making any time.

You don't need to pay any hosting or domain fee, but here is the one question.

Does these websites really rank?

Answer is yes! Even you don't need to do more handwork in it, but the only condition is that you have to work on low competition keyword.

Now a major disadvantage of parasite is that you can't earn directly from AdSense or other ad networks on it..

What you can do is,  you can transfer the traffic to your real blog from that parasite website or you use parasite if you want to make a Affiliate blog.

You can also put your affiliate link on that post.

I remember that I also made a post on (that was my first parasite post) it was about a app where you can earn by playing game and that was giving 0.10$ per refer.

So i wrote about that app in that post with good lengthy article and mentioned my refer link of that app.

Then after 2 months I randomly checked my medium stats. 

and I was shocked! I saw that I got some decent traffic and also I was getting 15-20 downloads of that app from my given link. So I was earning 50-60$ without doing anything.

After this I worked on lots of parasite blogs that worked successfully (and running right now)

I will write another post on this with a case study of that parasite blog with whole details!

Hope this adds value to your existing knowledge ❤️

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