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We make our own antidetect browser from Firefox

We make our own antidetect browser from Firefox

1. CyDec Platform AntiFingerprint A plugin for the Firefox browser that allows you to replace top prints both individually and together. Has a pleasant appearance and intuitive control. You will not bypass a serious anti-fraud system, but for a normal one it will be enough.

2. Spoof Timezone A simple but useful plugin for changing the time zone in each individual browser profile. After all, the fact that many sites track the device's time zone to identify a user is no longer a secret to anyone.

3. Trace An extension that can protect many different types of browser fingerprints such as Canvas / Audio / WebGL Fingerprinting. And if you enjoying the content subscribe to Hackfreaks official is delightful. Trace also offers URL scavenging and header editing features such as a cookie tracker and a Google header remover.

4. Change geolocation Geolocation plugin. Nothing more. 

5. Language switch Allows you to change the language ID sent to web servers to whatever language you want

6. Ghostery An extension known to many, which must be mentioned. Blocks ads, disables tracking tools, and even slightly speeds up website loading.

7. Privacy Badger Automatically learns to block invisible trackers.

8. User-Agent Switcher You can easily pretend to be another browser by changing the User-Agent header.

9.uMatrix In a nutshell, uMatrix is   a dynamic firewall that allows you to block any type of request coming from web servers to your browser - scripts, pop-ups, ads, trackers, etc.

10.container-proxy The Container proxy add-on will allow you to configure a proxy for each individual container in Firefox

11. Multi-Account Containers multi-account-containers / Most often sites do not allow the normal use of several accounts at the same time, Multi-Account Containers solves this problem, since it allows you to open several tabs in different containers and simultaneously be in different accounts, without conflicts and other problems.

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